Ten Perspectives about Music

From among the 30 stimulating lectures which he has delivered at Stratford Summer Music over the past five years, Mr. Harris has selected ten topics that he has reworked and expanded in this new publication, the first of its kind by Stratford Summer Music. Already dubbed “brilliant” by those in the publishing industry who have seen the manuscript, this book — designed by Scott McKowen and supplemented with unique images and photographs that relate to the topics — will be both a valued volume for those who have personally experienced Harris’ lectures and an inspiration to appreciate music more completely for those who will experience its insights for the first time.

Elvis Presley and the Invention of Rock and Roll
“We Shall Overcome” and the Wonders of Gospel
Canadian Magus: R. Murray Schafer
Chopin, the Genius Everybody Knows, and No One Knows
The Eternal Carmen
Don’t Hate Me, But I Detest The Sound of Music
The Truth of The Magic Flute
The Goldberg Variations: Pinnacle or Exercise?
Canada in the World; the World in Canada
Our Beloved cbc: the Future Meets the Past

176 pages, softcover, measures 9″ x 6″

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OR visiting:
Stratford Summer Music office, 19 Waterloo Street South (at Water Street)
Fanfare Books, 92 Ontario Street
$24.95 + gst (for mail deliveries additional shipping and handling fees apply)

Stratford Summer Music acknowledges with thanks the gifts which have enabled the publication of The Stratford Lectures, and in particular, contributions from one Anonymous Donor who has attended all the Lectures set at the University of Waterloo’s Stratford Campus; XEROX Corporation; and The Mary-Margaret Webb Foundation in honour of the late Mary-Margaret ‘Peggy’ Webb whose initial donations enabled Stratford Summer Music to begin public lectures as early as its first season in 2001.