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2019 - Children's Programming  - Pay What You Can Events for the Family

Stratford Summer Music identifies as an inclusive festival, believing that everyone, regardless of income or social class, should benefit from our performances. This year we aspire to enhance our reach and focus on children and health in our community while providing once-in-a-lifetime musical performances. In our 2019 season, we have three performances scheduled that are focused on helping children understand and appreciate music while also engaging local seniors and helping to build intergenerational connections.

Monday July 22 | 10 am | The Avondale | Stephen Prutsman,  piano azure performance 

In our 2019 season, we have three performances scheduled that are focused on helping children understand and appreciate music while also engaging local seniors. The first one is an Azure concert - a fun, friendly and engaging relaxed performance tailored to youth and children on the autism spectrum or have experienced similar challenges. Since many with autism (or related challenges) cannot attend traditional music performances due to uncontrollable vocalizations or physical movements, there is a real need to create a musical environment whereby not only are such behaviors not frowned upon, but accepted and embraced. 

Assisted with a gift from:

Lucille Roch and Warren Holmes

Wednesday August 7| 10 am | Greenwood Court | Robin Dann and Bernicechildren's puppetry and improvisation

Bernice and Ali Eisner (Puppeteer) invite parents and under 5s to engage in a drop in music & puppet song style adventure. We’ll be expressing our thoughts and feelings through puppetry, learning how to develop a musical character, and discovering the beautiful layers of our personalities through improvised song and play. Imagine yourself as a multicoloured sock with flowing hair, singing a song about that delicious sandwich you ate yesterday! Or maybe you find yourself singing about your best friend, who also happens to be your dog. Improvisation, play and listening with an improvised soundtrack to support.

Puppet creation materials provided. Children accompanied by their parent/caregiver. 

One hour of play-based activity with live music by Toronto band Bernice throughout. Music at a kid-friendly volume. Program audience geared at under 5s - but all ages welcome :)

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Patrons of the Dann Family:

Wayne and Nancy Treitz




Wednesday August 14| 10 am | The Avondale |  Tom Allen and The Rosebud Quartet, musical petting zoo

Jake and the Musical Zoo - “Help!  We’ve lost Jake!  He’s somewhere in the musical zoo and we can’t find him!” Join CBC’s Tom Allen and The Rosebud Quartet for the imaginary tale of Jake and the Musical Zoo.  Introduce your children to the world of music with this story of fun, friends, and family.  This concert will also feature SSM’s first “Musical Petting Zoo”!  Children will be welcome to try out a variety of instruments first hand at the end of the performance! 

Suggested age range, 10 years and under. However, all ages and abilities are welcome!

Assisted with a gift from:

David and Elizabeth Kerr

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Tim and Heidi Culliton Family Fund, held with the Stratford Perth Community Foundation