Stratford Summer Music

Special Thanks

Photo Credit: Irene Miller Photography - Opening Night on Tom Patterson Island, 2014

Special Events 2016/2017 | Project Supporters Musical Salon and Over The Top 

Joyce and Anthony Abbott
Rick and Kim Attridge
Jeannie Baird
Helga Barenberg
Grant and Judith Barker
Norman Bird and Helen Mussell
Grahame and Suzanne Booker
John and Carolynn Brooks
Chris and Erica Brown
Jack and Lore Brown
Rob and Heather Bryan
Albert and Tobi Burbach
Margaret Ann Carr
Berthold and Nancy Carriere
Pamela Case
Jamie Clark
Dr. Robert Close and Mary Kelleher
Dr. Robert Colcleugh
J. Robert Collins and Mary Lake
Michael and Marguerite Dack
Michael J. Davies
Marsha Defore
Dennis Desrosiers
Charles Dunphy and Elizabeth Ennis
Shawn and Juliet Edwards
Patricia Evans
Howard and Donna Famme
Dr. Peter Fendrich and Pat Elliott
Bob and Gail Fisher
Ann and Bill Fleming
Karen Fleming
Kathryn Fleming
Michael and Susan Fox
Gadsby's Clothing Co.
Elizabeth A. Gaffney
Dr. David and Beth Girvan
Martin Goldbach
Gail Goldrath
Thomas Gorman and Wendy Gunn
Kevin Gormley and Kim Foster
Michael Grace and Linda Hutton
Alan and Sandra Graff
Marilyn Gropp
Robert Gulliford
Dr. Dennis and Dorothea Hacker
Ann Hambleton
Mary Alison Handford
Mike and Erin Heisz | Junction 56 Distillery
Bill and Maureen Henderson
Gloria Hinton
Mary E. Hofstetter and R. David Riggs
Ron and Susan Holliday
Grant and Lily Hopcroft
Nigel and Ruth Howard
Douglas and Carol Hunter
Marion Isherwood
Eleanor Kane
Dr. James Kelly
David and Elizabeth Kerr
Dr. Sahza Kofman
Wilma Lambert
Nora Lanning
Dr. Susan Lipa
Anthony and Betsy Little
Thomas Logan
Alan and Barbara Low
Andrew McDonald
Brian and Marion MacDonald
Doug MacDougald and Barbara Green
Dr. Ian MacLean and Cheryl Froud
James and Joanne McArthur
Janet and Barry McCarthy
Hugh and Jane McDonald
Dr. Llynda McFarlane
Marnie McGarry
David Stones and Jean McLeod
John and Kathe McLister
Cydna Mercer
Denton and Libby Miller
Irene Miller Photographic Art
Kathy Minor
David and Anna Marie Murray
Dr. M. L. Myers
John and Margaret Nash
Dr. Hankie Nguyen and Matt Rees
Cheryl Nickel
Irene Nickel
Margaret Nish
Kevin and Denise Nonomura
Dr. Dennis and Laurie Nuhn
Patricia O'Malley and Ron Hikel
Tom and Connie Orr
Kathryn and Gord Patton
Michael and Cheryl Plowman
John Porter
Keith Potter and Cathy Riggall
Brenda Radford
David Rae
Edward and Dawn Ralph
Sue and Gregor Read
Rodney and Helene Reid
Paul and Karen Rempel
Ann K. Reynolds
Kimberly Richardson
Lucille Roch and Warren Holmes
David and Judith Ann Rose
Roger and Sherri Roulston
Tyler and Sarah Rouse
Peter Schwartz
Andrea Sehgal
Gene and Diana Shelestynsky
Paul and Elaine Siberry
John and Jill Skinner
Ron and Kathleen Slaughter
Kevin and Judy Smith
Ann and David Spence
Dava and Peter Spence
Gordon and Elaine Steed
John and Cindy Steep
Connie Stewart
Ruth Symons
Dr.'s Susan and David Tamblyn
David and Kim Thompson
Douglas and Valerie Thompson
Paul Toner and Frances O'Malley
Wayne and Nancy Treitz
Kevin and April Oakes
Chip and Barb Vallis
Marcel and Edith van Hulle
Dr. Thomas Verny and Sandra Collier
John and Eleanor Waldie
Dr. J.R. and Susanne Walker
Ian Wallace and Judy White
Anne Walsh
Dorothy Washbern
Paul West and Kim Wagner
John Wilkinson and Loretta Shannon
Rod and Faye Willis
The Prune | The Parlour
RE/MAX a-b Realty, Kristin Sainsbury & John Wolfe
Charles and Jill Wright
Dr. Gerry and Mrs. Nancy Wright
John and Leslie Wright
Timothy and Susan Wright

We acknowledge the enthusiasm, encouragement and assistance of… 

Scotiabank Stratford -  Don McNabb, Community Branch Manager, Tyler Rae  
Ellen Fuhr, Sergio Nosella, Asuncion Avila and Kevin Chambers; 

Anita Gaffney, Tanya Apostolidis , 
Carly Douglas, Colleen White, Sarah Hamza 
Anne Swerdfager, Trudy Watson, Simon Marsden, William Schmuck,
and the Stratford Festival

Mayor Dan Mathieson, Councillors & staff of The City 
of Stratford including Rob Horne, Nancy Roulston, Ed Dujlovic, Jim Bryson, Joan 
Thompson, Pat Shantz, Victoria Trotter, Nancy Bridges, 
Quin Malott, Teresa Munro and 
the Community Services Department;

Chief Mike Bellai & Stratford Police Service

Chief John Paradis, Deputy Chief Rob MacDonald & 
Stratford Fire Department;

Allison Fuller, Bryan Stacey and Rob Lightfoot, BDO Dunwoody

For CJCS and 107FM  Wendy Gray and
Eddie Matthews,

Helen Matheson and staff of The Green Room;

Jennifer Birmingham, Grant Rae & staff of The Bruce Hotel

Rob and Candice Wigan, Alysha Ford and staff 
of Revival House;

Kim Cosgrove and staff; Stratford Chefs School

The Hayter family, Andrea McGavin and the staff of the Arden Park Hotel

Shelley and Bill Windsor and staff of The Prune Restaurant

Kevin Larson & staff; 27 Marketplace

Joanne McArthur and Barbara Young; Music and Opera Appreciation

Stratford City Centre Committee 
– The Businesses of Downtown Stratford, 
and Rob Russell, chair; 

Brent Shackleton, Shackleton’s 
Auction Co.; 

Andrey Tarasiuk; 

Steve Jarrett, Steve Scott
& staff of Stratford Motor Products

Scott Wishart; 

Heather Herman, Rev. Keith Reynold, Bill Miller and Yvonne Casey; Avondale United Church

Brandi Gillett, Katherine Schmidt & University of Waterloo | Stratford Campus

Frank & Debbie Herr 
& the staff of the Boathouse

Margaret Anderson, Tom Orr & Orr Insurance

Grigorian, Victor Ghaloosian & staff of 
L’Atelier Grigorian, Toronto; 

David Peacock, Zac Gribble and Andrea Gardi of RTO4;
Kristin Sainsbury, Cathy Rehberg, Karen Savelle, Christina Phillips and the staff of the Stratford Tourism Alliance

John Westren and David Hannan; Dorset Fine Arts

Steve Butterworth; Yamaha Music Canada

James Colbeck, Allan Dhingra, Lasha Mutual and Maxine Noel; Play Me I'm Yours Piano Artists

Barbora Krsek; Koerner Hall

Michael Gibson Gallery

Bevin MacLean, Maclean Cabinetry

and especially Gail Fisher and Chris Chisholm and all of our volunteers & accommodation 
providers who support our 
programs, welcome our visitors and offer 
hospitality for our artists and guests.