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  • Live at Revival House Cabarets
  • Daniel Taylor and the Theatre of Early Music
  • Stéphane Tétreault
  • Don Pasquale Opera
  • Robert Harris Musical Lectures
  • James Ehnes
  • The Great Canadian Jazz Finale
  • Angela Hewitt
  • Jan Lisiecki
  • Ron Sexsmith
  • Jean-Michel Blais
  • Guy Lombardo's Royal Canadians
  • The Rolston Quartet
  • Stratford Summer Music 2017 Vocal Academy
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie
  • Stratford Summer Music 2017 Season

Special Thanks

Photo Credit: Irene Miller Photography - Opening Night on Tom Patterson Island, 2014

Special Events 2015/2016 | Project Supporters Musical Salon and Over The Top 

Mr. M. Smyth and Ms. R. Abernethy
Ms. O. Baik
Ms. N. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. P. Baloo
Ms. S. Baughman
Dr. S. and Dr. K. Blaine
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. G. Bunting
Ms. E. Burrill and Mr. B. Jeppeson
Mr. and Mrs. B. Carriere
Ms. E. Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. B. Chisholm
Dr. R. Close and Ms. M. Hellefer
Mr. R. Collins and Ms. M. Lake
Ms. N. Hazeleger and Mr. L. Creeden
Mr. and Mrs. M. Dack
Mrs. J. Daynard
Dr. and Mrs. S. Edwards
Mrs. P. Evans
Dr. and Mrs. P. Fendrich
Mr. and Mrs. R. Fisher
Ms. K. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. L. Folliott
Ms. M. Freure
Dr. and Mrs. D. Girvan
Mr. K. Gormley and Ms. K. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. A. Graff
Mr. G. Greene and Ms. H. Blackmore
Dr. A. Griffin
Dr. and Mrs. D. Hacker
Mr. and Mrs. D. Hannam
Mr. and Mrs. M. Heisz
Ms. J. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. L. Hodges
Ms. M. Hofstetter and Mr. D. Riggs
Dr. and Mrs. R. Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. G. Hopcroft
Ms. J. Jacobs
Ms. L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. D. Kerr
Ms. M. King
Dr. S. Kofman
Mr. S. Kopp
Mr. and Mrs. N. Lang
Mr. M. Leenders and Mrs. L. Mauffette-Le
Mr. and Mrs. J. Leitch
Mr. D. Lester
Mr. and Mrs. A. Little
Dr. and Mrs. A. Low
Mr. and Mrs. B. MacDonald
Ms. L. MacDonald and Mr. T. Gray
Dr. I. MacLean and Ms. C. Froud
Mr. and Mrs. N. Matheson
Ms. A. McDougall and Mr. J. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. R. McElroy
Ms. M. McGarry
Mr. and Mrs. M. McKenna
Dr. P. and Dr. N. Mercer
Mr. and Mrs. D. Miller
Ms. I. Miller
Mr. J. Miller and Mr. A. Tarasiuk
Ms. L. Mischler
Mr. P. Moloney
Dr. and Mrs. D. Mott
Mr. and Mrs. A. Munro
Dr. H. Nguyen and Mr. M. Rees
Ms. P. O'Malley and Mr. R. Hikel
Mr. and Mrs. J. Patterson
Mr. K. Potter and Ms. C. Riggall
Mr. and Mrs. T. Pritchard
Mr. R. Quinn
Mr. D. Rae
Mr. and Mrs. G. Read
Mr. and Mrs. P. Rempel
Mr. W. Holmes and Ms. L. Roch
Dr. and Mrs. T. Rouse
Mr. and Mrs. G. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Shackleton
Mr. and Mrs. G. Shelestynsky
Ms. R. Silberman
Mr. and Mrs. R. Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. D. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. G. Steed
Mr. D. Stones and Ms. J. McLeod
Ms. T. Sumsion
Ms. R. Symons
Dr. Susan Tamblyn
Mr. and Mrs. C. Teahen
Dr. and Mrs. D. Thompson
Ms. D. Thrasher
Mr. K. Tomasek and Ms. S. Hatch
Mr. P. Toner and Dr. F. O'Malley
Mr. and Mrs. W. Treitz
Mr. and Mrs. M. Van Hulle
Mr. D. Wakeling and Ms. H. Ogawa
Mr. R. Harsant and Mr. K. Walker
Mr. I. Wallace and Ms. J. White
Ms. A. Walsh
Ms. D. Washbern
Ms. E. Westgate
Mr. J. Wilkinson and Ms. L. Shannon
Mr. A. Jaye Williams
Dr. and Mrs. G. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wright


We acknowledge the enthusiasm, encouragement

and assistance of… 

Scotiabank Stratford -  Don McNabb, Community Branch Manager, Braden VanNynatten  
Ellen Fuhr, Brenda Douglas, Johnathan Martin, Sergio Nosella, 
Asuncion Avila and Kevin Chambers; 

Anita Gaffney, Madonna Decker, 
Carly Douglas, Colleen White, Sarah Hamza 
Anne Swerdfager, Calvin Wood, Trudy Watson
and the Stratford Festival

Mayor Dan Mathieson, Councillors & staff of The City 
of Stratford including Jim Bryson, Joan 
Thompson, Pat Shantz, Victoria Trotter, Margaret Johnston, 
Lyndon Kowch, Randy Mattice, David St. 
Louis, Quin Malott, Teresa Munro and 
the Community Services Department;

Chief Mike Bellai & Stratford Police Service

Chief John Paradis, Deputy Chief Michael Gornyiczki & 
Stratford Fire Department;

Julia Merritt and staff 
of the Stratford Public Library

Allison Fuller, Bryan Stacey and Rob Lightfoot, BDO Dunwoody

For CJCS and 107FM  Wendy Gray and
Eddie Matthews,

Helen Matheson and staff of The Green Room;

Jennifer Birmingham, Andreas Spove, Grant Rae, Kevin Wallace & staff of The Bruce Hotel

Rob and Candice Wigan and staff 
of Revival House;

The Hayter family, Andrea McGavin and the staff of the Arden Park Hotel

Shelley and Bill Windsor and staff of The Prune Restaurant

Stratford City Centre Committee 
– The Businesses of Downtown Stratford, 
and Rob Russell; 

Brent Shackleton, Shackleton’s 
Auction Co.; 

Andrey Tarasiuk; 

Steve Jarrett 
& staff of Stratford Motor Products

Irene Miller Photography; Scott Wishart; 

Heather Racher & St. Andrew’s Church;

Kathy Baker & Knox Church;

Jane Kirkpatrick, Pam Ayres, Rev. Lorne Mitchell & St. James Church;

Paula Ortelli & Stratford Central Secondary School;

Brandi Gillett & University of Waterloo | Stratford Campus

Frank & Debbie Herr 
& the Boathouse

Dr. Robert Close and Mary Hellefer, Michael Baldwin

Margaret Anderson, Tom Orr & Orr Insurance

Grigorian, Victor Ghaloosian & staff of 
L’Atelier Grigorian, Toronto; 

Megan Marshall and the staff of Perth Community Futures Development Corporation 

David Peacock, Zac Gribble and Emily Chandler of RTO4;
Kristin Sainsbury, Cathy Rehberg, Karen Savelle, Christina Phillips and the staff of the Stratford Tourism Alliance

and especially Gail Fisher and Chris Chisholm and all of our volunteers & accommodation 
providers who support our 
programs, welcome our visitors and offer 
hospitality for our artists and guests.