Stratford Summer Music
  • Nat Cole - A King's Centennial
  • Manitoba Chamber Orchestra with special guest, Simone Dinnerstein
  • Stratford Lectures | Robert Harris
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Nat Cole: A King's Centennial

Nat Cole: A King’s Centennial honors the entire legacy of a man who spent his entire career defying odds and paving the way for countless musicians since him to be able to sing their songs in a world where they are not defined by the colour of their skin, but by the way in which they choose to utilize their talents. The excellence that Nat “King” Cole demonstrated on a daily basis lives within the hearts and souls of the musicians taking the stage for this show, and it is a privilege to be able to share the music with those who want to listen.



The Manitoba Chamber Orchestra with special guest, Simone Dinnerstein.

Simone Dinnerstein returns to Stratford to perform the Philip Glass Piano Concerto No. 3 with the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra conducted by music director, Anne Manson. Premiered in Canada in January of 2018, this concerto will be paired with Bach’s keyboard concerto in G minor, BMV 1058. Antonin Dvorak’s American String Quartet arranged for string orchestra and a new double violin concerto by Vivian Fung will also be included in the programme.