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The Dann Family

Musical Families
Ever wonder what Mozart would be composing if he were alive today? Of course we can’t know
for certain what the master’s music would sound like, but in this new series we look at how
music works its way through generations of the same family. This year we feature Canada’s
Dann Family. Patriarch Steven Dann is one of the world’s greatest living violists, having brought
his music across the globe dozens of times over. Elder son Nico puts his musical energies into
being a jazz drummer, while younger son Lucas also finds musical expression through jazz at the
piano. And daughter Robin sings in the Polaris Prize-nominated Alternative group Bernice. Join
us for two days of exploring music through the generations.

The Dann Family - Article in the Toronto Star, 2016

Wednesday, August 7 - 10 am

Bernice and Ali Eisner (Puppeteer) invite parents and under 5s to engage in a drop in music & puppet song style adventure. We’ll be expressing our thoughts and feelings through puppetry, learning how to develop a musical character, and discovering the beautiful layers of our personalities through improvised song and play. Imagine yourself as a multicoloured sock with flowing hair, singing a song about that delicious sandwich you ate yesterday! Or maybe you find yourself singing about your best friend, who also happens to be your dog. Improvisation, play and listening with an improvised soundtrack to support.

Puppet creation materials provided. Children accompanied by their parent/caregiver. 

One hour of play-based activity with live music by Toronto band Bernice throughout. Music at a kid-friendly volume. Program audience geared at under 5s - but all ages and abilities welcome.

Wednesday, August 7 - 3 pm

Harmen Fraanje and Lucas Dann, piano duo

Programme Repertoire:

American Songbook and Thelonius Monk

Wednesday, August 7 - 7 pm

Bernice (with Robin Dann) -  experimental pop 

Sponsored by:

Thursday, August 8 - 3 pm

Steven Dann, viola, Clark Schaufele, piano, Drew Comstock, cello, Mark Fewer,violin.

Programme Repertoire:
Robert Schumann: Marchenbilder
Benjamin Britten: Lachrymae
J.S. Bach: Suite in D Minor

Thursday, August 8

Nico Dann Trio

Already in demand internationally, multi-faceted musician Nico Dann, is a favorite collaborator of many of Canada’s best musicians.  For his SSM debut, he brings along friends Karen Ng  on saxophone and Rob Clutton on bass for a performance combining jazz standards of the past and their own compositions of today. 

Patrons of the Dann Family:

Wayne and Nancy Treitz

Canadian Programming Sponsor:


improvisation and play through song and puppetry, Bernice

Wednesday August 7 | 10 am

Greenwood Court

Pay What You Can

Harmen Fraanje & Lucas Dann, piano duo

Wednesday August 7 | 3 pm

Factory 163

$30 + HST (+$5 at the door)

Bernice, experimental pop

Wednesday August 7 | 7 pm

Factory 163

$30 + HST (+$5 at the door)

Steven Dann & Friends, chamber

Thursday August 8 | 3 pm

Factory 163

$30 + HST (+$5 at the door)

Nico Dann Trio, jazz

Thursday August 8 | 7 pm

Factory 163

$30 + HST (+$5 at the door)