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Take a musical "flight" to Buenos Aires with Payadora Tango Ensemble “a superstar group.”—  Whole Note Magazine on July 26th. 

The group will perform highlights from its latest album, “Volando”, which was inspired by a beautiful sunset in the clouds, as seen from a flight home by violinist Rebekah Wolkstein.  

Payadora is a quartet including pianist, Robert Horvath, bandoneon/violinist, Drew Jurecka, bassist Joe Phillips and violinist, Rebekah Wolkstein. All four members have technical mastery of their instruments, jazz improvisation skills and a great love for the passion, rhythm and elegance of Argentinean music.  

Joining them will be the great Uruguayan guest vocalist “el pequeño gigante del tango”- the little giant of tango, Elbio Fernandez. 

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Monday July 29 | 7 pm

Factory 163

$30 + HST (+$5 at the door)



Adios Muchachos - Payadora