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Canadian Arabic Orchestra & Special Guests - ORIGINS

ORIGINS is a forceful, inclusive demonstration of the harmonies possible within our world…and our country. Side by side in this unique presentation are the music of the Indigenous peoples of Canada and the music of the nations of the Eastern Mediterranean known as The Levant: Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey. 

Through music and dance from diverse international heritages, ORIGINS shows similarities among humans, across continents, between cultural and religious divides. 

In this performance the interface is represented by the St’at’imc artist/dancer, Laura Grizzlypaws, from British Columbia who sings of her culture beside members of the Canadian Arabic Orchestra.  Envoys of the mystical Turkish meditative community, Sufi Whirling Dervishes, will complete the experience.

Sponsored by:

TD Canada Trust



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Sunday August 19 | 3 pm

The Avondale

$40 + HST (+$5 at the door)