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Phillip Addis | The Andree Expedition 1897: A Doomed Arctic Journey

Phillip Addis, baritone, interpreting The Andrée Expedition:  A Doomed Arctic Journey

In 1897, the Swedish explorer, Salomon Andrée, set out with two companions to reach the geographic North Pole by hydrogen balloon; the expedition failed and all three men perished. But Andrée kept a detailed diary of the voyage, and when his body was recovered, some thirty years later, his notebook with its vivid descriptions of the challenges they faced in the Arctic was also recovered.  The trio of voyagers were eventually celebrated by the King of Sweden as national heroes and the entries of Salomon’s diary were set to music as The Andrée Expedition, a dramatic tone poem.

Phillip Addis, accompanied by pianist Emily Hamper, brings the Andrée diary and the voyage to life in a recital whose repertoire is seldom heard, so challenging is this work for baritone voice. 


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SA Andrée's Arctic balloon expedition

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