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Museum of the Moon

Prepare for blast-off….at least to Tom Patterson Island when The Museum of the Moon arrives for ten exciting days with a variety of concerts and events this summer. PRESS RELEASE

This Moon is a 23’ diameter reproduction of the exact surface of the moon, based on actual photographs taken by NASA cameras from lunar space crafts, then assembled by the British futurist/inventor, Luke Jerram, whose other unique contributions to Stratford Summer Music have been the Sky Orchestra (2007) and Play Me, I’m Yours pianos (2012, 2015, 2017, 2018) 

Where has this Moon been this year alone…The Commonwealth Games in Australia;  ZAT Urban Spectacles Festival in Montpellier, France; Tall Ships Regatta in Liverpool;  and the Kimmel Centre in Philadelphia.   

For ten days in August, The Museum of the Moon makes its Ontario debut at Stratford Summer Music, with plenty of exciting activities to celebrate its lunar influence over the city…so many events, in fact, that we’re printing a special mini-brochure and posting details on our website with all the news of daytime and night time festivities…music, dance, literature, movies, family celebrations, photographic and astrological ideas under the Moon.

So set tricorders. Refuel ion propulsions. Pack replicators. Prepare for warp drive.  In other words, let’s head to the Moon!

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Opening - The Museum of the Moon

Thursday August 16 | 8:30 pm

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island


The Museum of the Moon Installation

Thursday August 16 - Saturday August 25

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island