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Laura Grizzlypaws

Laura Grizzlypaws is a noted academic, language and cultural advocate, honoured for her cultural knowledge, her celebrating the fundamental Indigenous concept of balance, her advocacy of environmental awareness, and particularly her  interest in the Grizzly Bears of her home province, British Columbia.  Laura Grizzlypaws is a committed and inspiring speaker about these causes.  

During her visit to Stratford, Laura will appear in several presentations, beginning with her participation in ORIGINS, a program with The Canadian Arabic Orchestra where she will sing the songs of her heritage;  in two appearances on Tom Patterson Island during the Museum of the Moon programming;  and in one lecture setting where she will speak about her heritage, the rights of Indigenous people, and the protection of the Grizzly Bear population on Canada’s west coast, three subjects close to her heart.

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Laura Grizzlypaws Bear Dance

Thursday August 16 | 9 pm

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island


Laura Grizzlypaws Bear Dance

Monday August 20 | 9 pm

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island


Lecture - Grizzly Bears: A Protected Species

Tuesday August 21 | 10 am

University of Waterloo | Stratford Campus

Pay What You Can

with the Canadian Arabic Orchestra

Sunday August 19 | 3 pm

$40 + HST (+$5 at the door)



Laura Grizzlypaws BEAR DANCE @ Umatilla PW 2015

PowHERtalks | Laura Grizzlypaws