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Music for an Avon Morning - A First Nations Experience

This August, when your alarm rings at 6am, it may be difficult to think poetically about what a privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love (as the Roman poet, Marcus Aurelius once wrote) but the poet’s sentiments may return to your mind when you arrive at Tom Patterson Island to be inspired and delighted by Music for an Avon Morning.

This year, to honour First Nations’ history and presence in this land we call Canada, the Avon Morning programs will themselves be honoured with the contributions of several Indigenous musicians sharing their music and traditions with us on the Island and upon the Avon waters, as well as through two special events, a lecture and a participatory sharing program, at the University of Waterloo Campus.

Morning, interpreted by composer/flutist Barbara Croall (Odawa, First Nation) with pipgwan wooden flute and dewe’igan hand drum. With the participation of the Akwesasne Women Singers (Mohawk), and with Rod Nettaagog (Ojibwa) and Bradley Lloyd Henry (Ojibwa/Onondaga), hand-drummers, dancers and singers from Henvey Inlet First Nation.  

Complimentary refreshments, courtesy Tim Hortons, are served from 6:30am at the bridge to the Island before the commencement of this program.  Quiet, please on the Island.  Calm pets are welcome if they bring their masters onto the Island on leashes.

Sponsored by:

Assisted with gifts from:

Margaret D. King

Lucille Roch and Warren Holmes

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Friday August 4 | 7 am

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island


Saturday August 5 | 7 am

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island


Sunday August 6 | 7 am

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island