Stratford Summer Music


Music for an Avon Morning

What could be more pleasant that an original musical experience after you cross the footbridge onto the Island as dawn breaks. 

Past years have seen the trombonists of Murray Schafer’s Music for Wilderness Lake on the shores of the Avon; human voices bringing Schafer’s choral music to life; and the pipigwan wooden flute calling out like a lune while a dewi’igan hand drummer signals the arrival of First Nations singers. 

This year, guided by the TorQ Percussion Quartet, emerging Canadian and American percussionists will create a new dawn pageant, blending instrumental effects with the rustling sounds of branches and the calls of the birds overhead. We encourage you to bring a set of keys to get involved!

Join us for a unique and refreshing morning soundscape.   

Complimentary refreshments, courtesy Tim Hortons, are served from 6:30am at the bridge to the Island before the commencement of this program.  Please bring your own re-usable coffee mugs!

Quiet, please on the Island.  Calm pets are welcome if they bring their masters onto the Island on leashes.

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Friday August 3 | 7 am

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island


Saturday August 4 | 7 am

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island


Sunday August 5 | 7 am

Avon River | Tom Patterson Island




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