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Tanya Tagaq

Tagaq projects sounds that carry the imprint of the body’s secret contours and recesses, delving far beyond personal utterance, out beyond human identity, to summon voices from the flesh cavity haunts of animal spirits and primal energies.” – The Wire (UK)

Tanya Tagaq is an experimental vocalist and painter, the 2014 laureate of the distinguished Polaris Prize, and a forceful advocate for her Inuit brothers and sisters who, she declares, live on the cutting edge of the world’s climate emergency.  Her creativity blends Inuit throat singing with electronic, classical, punk and rock.

The pioneering silent docudrama, Nanook of the North, was filmed in Northern Quebec in 1922 to capture the daily life of an Inuk hunter, Nanook, and his family who lived on the tundra as did their ancestors for centuries before them.  The film was a cinematic milestone around the world almost a century ago.

Tanya Tagaq’s vocal interpretations throughout the film are a matchless yet modern expression of Inuit culture, formed by her own upbringing in Cambridge Bay/Iqaluktuutiaq, Nunavut on the south coast of Victoria Island.  Her interpretations are historic because of the impact her voice brings to Inuit life on the frozen tundra. Striking, in how she portrays the harsh but beautiful northern landscape. Unforgettable, through the power her performance leaves with her audience,

Every Canadian should know Tanya Tagaq.  Every Canadian will treasure her heritage, which is also ours as Canadians to honour, through this presentation!

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Monday August 13 | 7 pm

The Avondale

$40 + HST (+$5 at the door)



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