Stratford Summer Music


Live From the Rock with Ennis Sisters and Shanneyganock

Save your money!  You don’t have to fly to St. John’s to enjoy the best of Newfoundland music...because eight of the best artists from The Rock are coming to Stratford Summer Music!

By popular demand, Maureen, Teresa and Karen - The Ennis Sisters - are returning, and bringing their Island kin, Bob, Mark, Chris and Billy – Shanneyganock .  What a show!   And what a Party, reserved for 100 only, will follow!

The $100 ticket gives you a reserved, front-rows seat (Rows A-B-C-D-E-F), a tax receipt as a donation to Summer Music’s Legacy Fund, and entrance to a traditional East Coast Kitchen Party complete with music, food, likely some screech, and maybe a cod or two for kissing.

As they say back home, “We know what we’re fighting for...we believe in what we’re fighting for...we love what we’re fighting for...Home, Boys, Home!”                                                          ©Shanneyganock

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Thursday July 26 | 7 pm

The Avondale

$50 + HST (+$5 at the door) OR
$100 VIP ticket Rows A-B-C-D-E-F
(includes concert + HST, kitchen party and $25 tax receipt)




Shanneyganock performs One More Will Stand